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How to Write a Request for Proposal (RFP)
Because many organizations may not have the specialized talents and capabilities to create interactive training, it may become necessary to request the assistance of an outside vendor or contractor. Over the years, we at Instructional Designs have seen and responded to a number of RFPs. Some were well written, and others frankly left much to be desired.Developing a well-written RFP takes time and planning. However, the benefits of being able to compare proposals which use a common format will make your job much easier when it comes to selecting a qualified vendor. The following format should help you should you ever need to request proposals from outside vendors or contractors.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Components of a Typical RFP

Organizational Overview
The Bald Bear Insurance Company was founded in 1889 to provide insurance and investment opportunities to rural families and businesses. Currently, Bald Bear has 1.4 billion dollars of policies in force, with offices located in fourteen states. At the present time, Bald Bear has 1,243 consulting sales agents servingapproximately 180,000 clients.

Course Description
Basic Training - See attached classroom teaching materials and manual.

Target Audience
Entry-level consulting sales agents. (New hires with little or no previous experience in sales). Delivery systems will be Pentium III multimedia PCs equipped with 24x CD-ROMs and 48megs of RAM.

Required Deliverables
1). Storyboards will detail and documentthe course and the Electronic Reference Library. The storyboards will be developed and submitted by the vendor, and approved by Bald Bear.
2). A Tutorial (courseware) will transfer the product information to the learner. The tutorial must include practice exercises and/or questions with feedback, and feature branching and remediation strategies. No video, although voicing is required.
3). AFinal Test or Mastery Test. A final test which will establish trainee mastery of the materials presented will be incorporated at the end of the training program. Questions included in the final test will not offer feedback, other than correct or incorrect. A mastery level will be assigned for the course. When the test is completed, the learner will be given the overall or final score. Video andvoicing is required.
4). An Electronic Reference Library will be integrated into the training program, and must have the ability of serving as a reference after training has been completed. This component will include a word search capability, hypertext, and will serve as a master reference for product information. Information included in the reference library must be concise and easily accessible. Novideo or voicing is required.
5). User Documentation will be developed which explains how to install, use, and maintain the programs and applications produced for this project.

Assumptions and Agreements

The project must be completed by ___________.
A preliminary budget for this project has been approved.
Vendor bids may not exceed $150,000.
ALL task/job/policy data will be current andapproved as such by Bald Bear management.
Training course materials loaned to the vendor and produced by the vendor will be in standard American English.
ALL technical illustrations, drawings, and schematics to be included in the course will be approved and provided by Bald Bear.
Bald Bear will appoint one person, with decision making authority, to serve as a project coordinator/manager. BaldBear will provide appropriate support documentation for the successful completion of the project.
There will be no significant changes to the task/job/policy data during the project. The vendor will provide technical support to the Bald Bear support staff once the program is distributed.
The tutorial and ERL will be written as intranet applications.
The vendor shall warrant that on delivery,...
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