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  • Publicado : 12 de noviembre de 2011
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Prof. Luz Janet Hernández
I, Ibis Torres, and foreign languages student ​​in fourth semester, I send this note through this written work requested for the day September 18- 2011, in the respective English classes.
Thank you for your acceptance as regards to this written work.



Barranquilla, September 18 - 2011

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1. CANDLE 79, N.Y

My boyfriend and I went on a day walking around the Upper East Side neighborhood for lunch, and I didn’t want to eat any meat, so after somebody to ask, we arrived at Candle79. From outside the restaurant seems a modern and conservative place, the sobriety of its comfortable seats that combine with the casual style, almost we do not differentiate between a normal restaurant and a vegan restaurant. Its organic cuisine has been the key to be considered one of the best restaurants in vegan food in all New York. 
The "Candle 79" supports the ecological struggle but donot press the matter: the menu says that the space was built with materials that are in harmony with the earth and recycling, filtered water and sustainable food production (organic when possible) are the main focus.
The service was immediate and cordial, but not exaggerated manner. We were surprised how quickly they serve, but the restaurant was crowd. Everything was very clean, and the jazz musicwas a moderate volume to speak without alarming the customer.
About the menu, it shows the Mexican influence in the kitchen with some dishes like, angel’s nachos, or guacamole timbale and the Mexican chocolate brownie.
I was started with Seitan Chimichurri grilled skewers; they had a great smoky flavor. My boyfriend ordered Heirloom Tomato Tartare, we decided split the dish and we conclude thattomato lost with the other ingredients, like cucumber and mushroom. It was tasty, but when you call the Heirloom Tomato Tartare something, you expect to be the heirloom tomato star ingredient.
To Main course, I ordered the spaghetti and wheat balls with sauteed spinach and I was amazed that I was able to eat with its wheat meat and say that it taste almost the same that meat. My boyfriendordered a Seitan Picatta. That dish was more we could observe in the tables. About the dessert, the live peach parfait, which we shared as our dessert was simple, very tasty and delicious.

I realize the Candle 79; the “companions” often receive much attention from the chefs as main dishes. This a good point to Pierson and Bart Potenza, founders and owners.

To drink, we ordered Port, Casal DosJordoes, Portugal, NV.  The 
dried dark fruit was balanced sweetness and a long warm finish.

In general, the Candle 79 restaurant has the four elements of success: food rich and varied environment exceptional, prompt and accurate service and reasonable prices. The magazine "Time Out" recently proclaimed it the best vegetarian restaurant in New York.

Located in theheart of Cartagena, an old colonial building XVII century, the restaurant retains the mystical atmosphere, natural and romantic era, inviting lovers of good food to taste the gastronomic offer that combines creative Mediterranean cuisine a pizza restaurant with traditional Italian flavor.
This dining set is accompanied by an extensive wine cellar in a wine bar, from the old and new world.

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