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Kingdom of Heaven Review
Referente: Some of Balian’s feelings in the movie “Kingdom of Heaven”.
Aspectos Del Referente:
1. Opening paragraph
2. Feelings about man roll in life
3. Lovely feeling to his wife
4. Feelings to God
5. Closing paragraph

In 2005, Ridley Scott surprises usagain with another one of his incredible movies. Kingdom of Heaven is a medieval story with Orlando Bloom, Eva Green amongst others. This movie shows us Jerusalem between the middle of the second and the third crusade. People used the conflict between Christians and Muslims to take control of Jerusalem, and it was an excellent way to became free of sin. The principal character Bailian (Orlando Bloom) is a French man who goes to fight at the crusade. Before and during crusades, Bailian faced different feelings towards life, his wife, and God.
“What man is a man if does not make world better” (Kingdom of Heaven 2005), those are the words of Balian, the ones hecarved in one of the pieces of wood in his workshop. It is an important sentence, not only for Balian as a life philosophy, but also for the entire movie. It has contributed to the role man has played in the change of history, in the recovery of Jerusalem, and in making the world a better place. In this case for, as said before, to recover Jerusalem from Muslims, because for Christians was very important to have Holy Land power.
Just when the movie starts, Balians wife commits suicide. Medieval Christians believed that when somebody committed suicide, it was necessary to cut off the head, and then the soul was automatically sent to hell. “How could you [continua]

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