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Country: Argentina

1. What sort of government does your country have?
Federal System is a presidential representative democratic republic.

2. What types of ideologies(political, religious, or other) influence your country’s government?
Political ideologies

3. What domestic issues might influence your country’s foreign policy?
Argentina's foreign policypriorities are focused on increasing regional partnerships, including consolidating and expanding the MERCOSUR regional trade bloc and more deeply institutionalizing the Union of South American Nations(UNASUR). Argentina is an active member of the United Nations system and served a 3-year term on the UN Human Rights Council ending June 2011. Argentina currently has approximately 700 peacekeeping troops inHaiti in support of the UN peacekeeping operation (MINUSTAH), reflecting its traditionally strong support of UN peacekeeping operations. As a member of the Board of Governors of the InternationalAtomic Energy Agency, Argentina has been a strong voice in support of nuclear non-proliferation efforts.

4. Which ethnicities, religions, and languages can be found in your country?
The majorityof these European immigrants came from Italy and Spain. An estimated 8% of the population is Mestizo and 4% of Argentines are of Arab or Asian heritage. 92.1% Christian, 3.1% agnostic, 1.9% Muslim,1.3% Jewish, 0.9% atheist, and 0.9% Buddhist and others. The official language of Argentina is Spanish, usually called castellano.

5. Where is your country located and how does it geography affectits political relationship?
The Argentine Republic occupies almost the whole of South America south of the Tropic of Capricorn and east of the Andes.

6. Which countries share a border withyour country?
To the west lie Chile and the Andes mountains, while to the north are Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil.

7. Which countries are considered allies of your country?
Brazil and Uruguay....
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