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Why not going to a tourist complex inside an urban city where every family can enjoy a morning or relax for a day? Nowadays, “La Playita” located in the South of El Guasmo, is a good choice to visit for Guayaquileneans. “La Playita” has its name due to the inhabitants of this sector in the south of the city, because they noticed the saltywater and the sand of the place, so the name came easily to their minds. This complex was always a place for distraction, but not always was as wonderful as today; for more than twenty years “La Playita” was full of mud, grass and insecurity. The rehabilitation of this area was part of a Municipality project for restoring marginal zones.

The works in “La Playita” began on November 20, 2003. Itmeant the rehabilitation of an area of for thousand square meters of beaches, 3.500 square meters of infrastructure and the building of a jetty of two thousand meters of longitude; it has a capacity for two thousand visitors. This is exactly located in San Felipo cooperative, simply to access from the downtown of the city by the Domingo Comin Avenue, then going straight away along Abdón CalderonAvenue, and then we arrive to the complex. “La Playita” is settled in the beach of Cobina estuary that rises in the Guayas River by the Esclusas and flow into the Autoridad Portuaria estuary.

The restoring of the complex, also contributed with the tiding up of 455 houses near “La Playita” that can be compared with the restoring done in “Las Peñas” in the Santa Ana Hill. All the worksmeant an investment of US$ 1’360.000. “La Playita” was finally inaugurated on April 18, 2004 by the Major of Guayaquil, lawyer Jaime Nebot Saadi, and in the event there was an exposition of paintings and puppets, done by children of nine to eleven years of the sector. In the speech, the Mayor said “The first artificial beach of the city does not have rich people, so it has poorpeople”. The complex has good security, with four guards; the Navy is also in charge of the vigilance of “La Playita”. In general, this place has too many to offer different people or families, now we will discover and know more about its attractions.

The project carried the paving of its entry way, endowment of basic services, building of a covered mirador that is a beacon and the icon of thecomplex. Also, it is conformed by fine sand in the children area and gross sand with stones in the adults’ area, a quay for boats of low fretwork. Dividing the areas of children and adults were built steps along the beach for being used to relaxation and contemplation. Moreover, there are a food court covered by pergolas and a polifunctional agora adjacent to the edge of the beach, where thereis an area for doing different activities such as: cycling, walking, jogging, practicing aerobics or skating. In the children area, there are a playground area, basketball court and baby theater. The palms that surround “La Playita” confirm the sense of a Coastal city.

In the children’s area there are a lot of games in which they will enjoy a lot. Children that look for different and innovativethings will love “La Playita”. Moreover, the fantastic landscape and beach, there are a playground with swings, slides and “guinguilingongos”, a play in which is necessary two children to start, is like a balance and each one is on each top, and afterward, with force in legs one child pushes up and the other goes down and viceversa. Also children find steps of different dimensions that arecool because they can go up, down, jump and sweat a lot, while they are playing, more than everything, they will share a good time with friends or family. There are also a theater and agora in the children area, students from schools prepare acts of muppets or perform characters of novels, so in that way they can learn to act in public and know more their bodies. They can go any day and play or...
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