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Research writing – writing based on information gathered from outside sources.

Research paper – in-depth, written examination of a topic in which the writer puts forth a thesis, or main point, andsupports it with information drawn from several outside sources.

A research paper
1. brings together factual information from a variety of credible sources.
2. develops a thesis, whichpresents one or more key points or arguments about the topic
3. has a consistent and effective organization
4. uses footnotes, endnotes, or parenthetical notes to credit sources.
5. includesbibliography or “woks-cited” page.

Types of research paper
1. I- search – research paper about a topic of special interest to the writer. Tells the story of the writer’s research path
2. Academic reports– help educators gauge a student’s ability to use research skills as a learning tool.
3. Biographical reports – contain information about a person – such as interview material, quotations andfamily history
4 Multigenre reports – share insights gained through research. Rather than presenting finding in traditional report, the writers shares finding through writing spanning several genre, suchas poetry, short story and drama.

Strategies for generating topics
1. Scan news headlines
2. use looping
3. make a list
4. scan magazine
5. free write

For narrowing your topic
1. usea web

When you are writing a research paper consider :
2. Consider the audience (age, educational level and experience
3. Consider the propose

Types of sources you may use to develop yourresearch plan
1. library sources
2. internet sites
3. media sources
4. interviews

Sources you might find in the library
1. Non- fictions books
2. Periodical
3. Reference books

Types ofreference books
1. Bibliographies
2. Almanacs
3. Atlases
4. Encyclopedias

Electronics resources
1. On-line research
2. CD- Rooms

Types of investigative research
1. Interviews
2. Surveys...
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