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  • Publicado : 7 de junio de 2011
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The island of Hawaii (in Hawaii, Hawaii) is one of the major islands of the archipelago of Hawaii, which form the state of Hawaii.

It is also known by the nickname of Big Island (Isla Grande orBig Island) and is the largest island and thus avoids the confusion between the name of the island and the state. The name Hawaii has two explanations. On one hand, attributes the discovery of theHawaiian Islands to the legendary Polynesian navigator. Another explanation derives from the legendary land of Hawaii, or Hawaii, place of origin of the Polynesians, or the place where souls return afterdeath. Relationship with Hawaii is also explained in Savaii Island in Samoa, and elsewhere in Polynesia

The Big Island is especially famous for its volcanoes. Kilauea, the most active, has beenerupting continuously for more than two decades.

On the coast, where the lava hits the ocean, sometimes you can see white steam columns rising from the shore. At night, the lava lights up the steamgiving an orange glow. When the molten lava comes into contact with the sea, the water turns to steam and the sudden cooling of the lava causes the newly formed volcanic rocks explode breaking into smallfragments. This lava fragmented by wave action, it becomes black sand covering the beaches of the coast. The black sand beaches are somewhat typical of the Big Island.

The trip to the Big Islandof Hawaii has a cost in 1300 dollars. Which includes airfare and hotel on arrival in Hawaii is Friday morning and the return is Sunday evening

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On Saturday night you can go to a ceremony in Hawaii, where coal coal can...