Resolution paper a1

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  • Publicado : 11 de mayo de 2011
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Resolution Paper A1
Sponsors: United States of America, United Kingdom, Russian Federation, Brazil, Chile
Signatories: Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, Haiti, Iceland, Iran, Italy, Mexico,North Korea, Pakistan, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Thailand,
1.-Fully alarmed by the rate at which natural disasters are increasing in the past decade,
2.-Deeply concerned about the number of refugees andpeople damaged by natural disasters,
3.-Taking into account that not all countries can contribute economically,
4.-Having examined each countries possibilities and GDP per capita,
5.-Expeting alldeveloped countries to contribute not only economically but w,
This committee:
1) Calls upon all nations present in this committee, to start using the project impact program used by the USA as abase for natural disaster relief;
2) Invites all nations to not only stay at the exact moment of the natural disaster, but also to revise the affected area sending people specialized in the type innatural disaster in the case every year until the zone is reconstructed;
3) Affirms that the decisions of which nation that had suffered a natural disaster would be helped first, would be takenby the whole committee by a process of voting;
4) Encourages all governments to inform the population since school, about what to do before, during and after a natural disaster take place.(supported by project impact) this will be done through the campaigns which will also include rural areas and enterprises;
5) Draws the attention to establish protected natural areas in every country inorder to safe natural habitats;
6) Further recommends that when building any construction, base on ecological systems which do not affect the environment;
7) Emphasizes that all the buildingsmust follow the parameters established by their own country which are going to be changed in order to make the buildings ecological and resistant to determined natural disasters;
8) Authorizes...
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