Respect for acting

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respect for acting

Respect for Acting was first published in 1973 with the cover above. This edition reprints the original without alteration.

respect for acting
uta hagen
with haskel frankel

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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To Herbert who revealed and clarified and has always set me a soaring example


Foreword by David Hyde Pierce Acknowledgments

ix xiii

The Actor
Introduction 1 Concept 2 Identity 3 Substitution 4 Emotional Memory 5 Sense Memory 6 The Five Senses 7 Thinking 8 Walking and Talking 9 Improvisation 10 Reality

3 11 22 34 46 52 60 65 69 73 75



The Object Exercises
Introduction 11 The Basic Object Exercise 12 Three Entrances 13 Immediacy 14 The Fourth Wall 15 Endowment 16 Talking to Yourself 17 Outdoors 18 Conditioning Forces 19 History 20 Character Action

81 91 95 102 106 112 119 124 129 134 139

The Play and the Role
Introduction 21 First Contact with the Play 22 The Character 23 Circumstances 24Relationship 25 The Objective 26 The Obstacle 27 The Action 28 The Rehearsal 29 Practical Problems 30 Communication 31 Style Epilogue Index 145 147 152 158 165 174 180 184 192 201 213 217 222 224

by David Hyde Pierce

I had the life-changing experience of acting with Uta Hagen in a two-person play a few years before she passed away. I was excited to be working with this...
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