Responsabilidad social de juan valdez

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Business Law and Ethics
BA (Hons) Semester 3 20th of August 2010

Rafael Garcia 0770PRPR0209

Lecturer: Anand Walser

BA – BLE – Business Law and Ethics


June 10 – September 10


Page 1. Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------3

2. Corporate Social Responsibility and its relation toCorporate Strategy ---------- 4 2.1.CSR in The Americas -------------------------------------------------------------3. Juan Valdez ® ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4. The industry behind Juan Valdez ® --------------------------------------------------5. Procafecol S.A. -------------------------------------------------------------------------67 8

9 10 12

6. Fedecafe ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------7. Analysis of how the whole organization is socially responsible 8. Conclusions 9. References -----------------

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------15 16 1710. Bibliography -----------------------------------------------------------------------------11. Further Reading --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Notes: For the purpose sections 7 and 8 on this paper, the organization (page 8) will be referred to as “the industry”.

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Rafael Garcia -

BA – BLE – Business Law and Ethics


June10 – September 10

1. Introduction

Society has always been affected in both positive and negative forms by the operations of businesses. Even though there is evidence to support that the idea of responsibility towards society owed by businesses is as old as trade –traced back almost 5,000 years- (SHRI Research Centre) the modern concept of corporate social responsibility has only been aroundfor less than 100 years. This paper aims to achieve the understanding of corporate social responsibility in the present and the impact it has on businesses; furthermore it seeks to analyze real examples of social responsibility in order to establish its importance and the contribution it makes to corporate strategy.

In order to achieve the objectives of this report, a multinational coffeehousechain based in Colombia has been studied; therefore it has become relevant to evaluate how CSR is seen in Latin America and more specifically whether and how businesses in a developing country implement it. The following sections of this work include theory taken from books, journals, articles and company reports related to CSR, which will be used to create an overview of what the chosen companydoes in order to be socially responsible whilst promoting the wellbeing of its stakeholders.

Key words: Society, Global Businesses, Stakeholders, Nationalism.

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Rafael Garcia -

BA – BLE – Business Law and Ethics


June 10 – September 10

2. Corporate Social Responsibility and its relation to corporate strategy

The term corporate social responsibility (CSR), assuggested by Werther and Chandler (2006) is a concept which suggests that businesses are not solely responsible for seeking profits maximization, but are also required to benefit society in different ways whilst operating; on the other hand, Lawrence and Weber (2008) propose that the conception of CSR actually refers to the accountability that organizations hold for all of their actions, whetherthese result in favourable or negative impact towards society as a whole; thus it implies that any harms caused to people, communities and/or the environment must not only be acknowledged but also corrected.

The responsibilities of businesses are multiple; firms are obliged to satisfy the shareholders, by producing good results and improving the rate of return every year in order to stimulate...
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