Response about mary chesnut civil war

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Response about From Mary Chesnut´s Civil War
Mary Chesnut's Civil War politics was intimate and personal struggles during the civil war. You not only describethe difficulties of the war but also their personal views on the system of slavery and the position of women in that time. This is also to see the depth of theattitudes and experiences of people during the war between states. Chesnut at that time is valued for its insightful and personal opinions that reflect a strongsupport of the rights of women and the abolition of slavery. As in our days there are several institutions that support human rights but always backed by foreigninstitutions they examine the human rights of that country so watch them and tell them which aspects can be improved and what their weaknesses currently going inour country. Chesnut also in its time it was difficult for women to get involved in politics but she became interested in politics. At the time of the civil waris an environment that is devastating destruction to property, political turmoil, poverty and hunger and the enormous number of wounded and dead, also grief,losing friends and acquaintances. Really a war we can move forward or develop in both parties have no right to take the life of another person's life can only takeonly our Lord.
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