Responsible consume and reuse of solid waste in school

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Responsible consume and reuse of solid waste in schools

Environmental culture in children’s from their schools

The environmental problems produced by the increase of solid wastes are due, partly, to a lack of education and environmental responsibility to separate them in the very source and use them again as raw material in the fabrication of new products.The children’s are a vulnerable and influence group because en their homes don’t teach the culture for a responsable consume.

It possible to create a recycling culture in the children?


The Integral Management of Solid Waste (IMSW) contributes to the sustainable saving of natural resources.

The schools must offer activities for the children, they will participateand experiment how the recycling will help the environment.

Promote the recovering of paper, glass and plastic bottles and organic waste and this way we will create conscience about the importance of the recycling for the future of the planet.

Create campaigns of recycling and responsable consume involving schools.

Use as economic and environmental resource recycling waste for help poorChilds by distribution of scholar material

Incorporating waste reduction as part of the school district's overall way of doing business can provide a number of important benefits:
• Reduced disposal costs.
• Improved worker safety.
• Reduced long-term liability.
• Increased efficiency of school operations.
• Decreased associated purchasing costs.

This solution was joining in schoolsfrom the first degree to fifth degree, since it is the propitious age to generate and to cultivate a good environmental culture and to motivate a sustainable development.


Waste management from the beginning, is the principle of recycling.

At this moment the managing of solid waste is essential to live in an agreeable environment, if we continue with the level of consumptionand waste in a few years we will not have the same resources.

For this it performs vital importance to recover a conscience and awareness from to the consumption and his consequences, because of it we want to begin it in the schools where we are formed for a better future.



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