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Chapter 5: Total Quality Management

Answers to Discussion Questions in Textbook

1. Define quality for the following products: a university, an exercise facility, spaghetti sauce, and toothpaste. Compare your definitions with those of others in your class.

The quality of a university can be defined as:
• quality of professors – have Ph.D., helpful, knowledgeable, able toclearly explain material, fair
• ability to place students in a good position at a high salary in a timely manner
• facilities are up-to-date in terms of technology (i.e. wireless classrooms)
• value for the price of the education
• ability to prepare students for success in the business world
• variety of course offerings
• efficiency and accuracy of processingpaperwork, such as registration for classes
• appearance of the campus
• perceived prestige of the university
The quality of an exercise facility can be defined as:
• variety of gym equipment
• variety and availability of fitness classes
• value for the price of membership
• ability to help members get into shape
• accurate billing
• atmosphere meets member’sneeds
• waiting times for machines are two minutes or less
The quality of spaghetti sauce can be defined as:
• good taste
• the jar is filled to 28 ounces plus or minus one ounce
• value for price paid
• perceived quality of the product
• ability to quickly answer questions at the address listed on the jar of sauce
• the sauce has chunks of tomatoes
• easeof opening jar
• ease of preparing the sauce to eat
• able to keep leftover sauce in container in refrigerator easily to last longer
• length of time the sauce can still be eaten
The quality of toothpaste can be defined as:
• ability to clean teeth
• good taste
• perceived quality of the product
• ability to keep breath fresh
• ability to prevent plaque• ability to whiten teeth
• ability to prevent cavities
• tube of toothpaste is filled
• ability to fight gingivitis
• ability to fight tartar
• able to quickly and accurately answer questions in a friendly manner at the toll-free number listed on toothpaste tube
• tube is filled with 4.2 ounces plus or minus 0.5 ounce.
• toothpaste is certified by theAmerican Dental Association (ADA)

2. Describe the TQM philosophy and identify its major characteristics.

TQM focuses on identifying the causes of quality problems and correcting these problems. TQM emphasizes the need to include every employee in the organization in the quality improvement efforts. TQM emphasizes the need to define quality based on the customer’s needs. Its majorcharacteristics are customer focus, continuous improvement, quality at the source, employee empowerment, understanding quality tools, a team approach, benchmarking and managing supplier quality.

3. Explain how TQM is different from the traditional notions of quality. Also, explain the differences between traditional organizations and those that have implemented TQM.

Traditional notions of qualityfocused on inspection of products. Instead of relying on inspection as the primary tool for quality, TQM focuses on identifying the causes of quality problems and correcting these problems. TQM takes a broader view of the organization than traditional views of quality. Organizations that implemented TQM successfully were able to produce a higher quality product at a lower price, therebyincreasing market share. Traditional organizations have either failed or will fail in the future if quality is poor.

4. Find three local companies that you believe exhibit high quality. Next find three national or international companies that are recognized for their quality achievements.

The selection of the local companies will depend on the location of the university utilizing this...
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