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Great Expectations

Work all exercises at the back of the movel (questions)


1. The person telling this story calls himself Pip. What is his real name?
R.- he’s real name is Philip Pirrip
2. At the star of the story, Pip is in a graveyard.
a) What is he doing there?
r. - Sight of the tombstones of their dead parents
b) Who does he meet?
He meets the convict
c) What does thisperson ask Pip to do?
Bring he a file and some food
3. Who does Pip live with? Describe these people.
With her sister and her sister's husband
4. Pip returns late to the forge. He is frightened of many things. Who and what is he frightened of?
He is afraid of her sister and “Tickler”
5. What does Pip learn about the great guns and the Hulks?
he learn that the guns was fired for one convict,and the hulks are prisons ships.
6. Pip steals food and a file. Where does he take these things and who does he meet?
he found the food in the kitchen of his home and the file in the forge


1. Why is Pip scrubbed clean and wearing his best clothes at half past one on Christmas Day?
Because their work was open the door to our guests
2. What do you know about Uncle Pumblechook?
UnclePumblechook was guest for Christmas day and a fat, stupid man with hair that stood up on his head
3. What’s happened to the meat pie? Pip’s sister asks. Describe what happens next.
pip runs off and encounters with soldiers, go to the cemetery and find the convicts who had escaped
4. Joe has to do some work that afternoon. What work is it?
He have to light the fire in the forge
5. What happens onthe marshes?
heard a shot which had been produced, they found the two convicts who were fighting then discussed and finally were the soldiers and convicts

1. What does Pip try to teach Joe?
He was trying to teach him the alphabet
2. Mrs Joe and Uncle Pumblechook bring some news from town. What is this news?
the news is that Miss havishan fence pip wants to play home
3. What happens whenPip and Uncle Pumblechook reach the person?
appeared a pretty girl (Estella) who said that alone could get pip
4. Who does Pip meet inside the house? What is strange about this person?
Miss havicham met, it was weird because I lived in a house very dark and she was dressed in white
5. He’s just a common, working boy. What heavy boots he’s wearing!
a) Who says these things?
b) Whois she talking about?
About Pip
6. What does Pip think about the people in Satis House?
they were rare and he had been treated badly (especially Estella even than the much liked)
7. How do you think Pip feels when he leaves Satis House?
we think that he did not feel very comfortable in that house

1. What does Pip tell Mrs Joe about his visit to Satis House? Why do you think he says thesethings?
I was told how Miss Havisham and told lies about her and her experience in that house, we believe he said that he did not want to embarrass Miss Havisham and Estella
2. On his second visit to Satis House, Pip meets a stranger. Describe this man.
A tall man with sharp eyes and thick black eyebrows
3. Pip goes into a different room with Miss Haversham. What does the room look like? Whatdo they do? What does Pip learn about Miss Havisham?
The room was very big, in the middle of the room was a long table. By the light of the fire and the many candles, was the torn table-chloth that was covered with dustthey walked slowly round and round, Miss Havisham saide that many years ago, it should have her wedding-day, and the dress that she was wearind in this moment was new then and shewas young, and her`s heart was broken
4. Who does Pip meet in the garden and what happens?
He meet a fair-haired boy of the age of Pip, and hey fought
5. After his second visit, Pip goes to Satis House three times every week. What does he tell Miss Havisham about his hopes for the future.
He told her that he was going to be apreticed to Joe

1. You are getting tall, Pip. What is the...
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