Restaurant review

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  • Publicado : 17 de febrero de 2012
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Restaurant Review
While in Mexico City last week, we were discussing what kind of restaurant to go to that would be entertaining and fun. Mexico City offers a wide variety of restaurants, becauseof the diversity in cultures. Our group wanted to experience a restaurant that would provide an escape from the monotony, of the same old places we usually go to out of habit.We decided to go to “Gruta del Eden”, which specializes in Arab and Lebanese Cuisine. When wearrived at the restaurant, we entered into large court yard that resembled a winery, setting us up for an exceptionally positive experience. The restaurant was decorated in its interior with finishesand details representative of the Middle East: white tablecloths and walls, arches and Moorish-type doors, glass windows with figures, and objects brought from that region; the ambiance was warm andinviting..
Upon entering the restaurant, we could smell all the array of flavors the Lebanese cuisine contains,olive oil, herbs, spices, etcetera. In the background, we could listen to Lebanese music playing, which set us in the mood for our feast.
We discussed the menu options with a server, whom suggestedwe try a menu that offered 10 different dishes. It was unbelievable, once the servers started bringing the different dishes. I thought the dishes would never stop arriving.
Our meal consisted ofbuttermilk, jocoque; kebbes, meatballs stuffed with wheat; two different kinds of chicken, hummus, mashed chickpeas; tabbouleh, crushed wheat blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt andgarlic; kepe, dolmas, stuffed grape leaves; steak tartar, stuffed ribs, cabbage rolls, and chish taouk, marinated grilled chicken. The food tasted as if it had been prepared by a Lebanese grandmother!...
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