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Background Information
Company: The company “La Petite Cuillère” dedicates to the elaboration and distribution of crepes to fill up at home. Their operations are mainly in Mexico City where it was founded in 1996. Their sales are focused in a portfolio of clients who offer services of catering and some housewives. At the moment it does not have any type of promotion and its portfolio of clientsdoes not vary.
This company wants to introduce its products in Hungary because of the particular geographical location of the country. They have decided to introduce the product first in Budapest because of the geographic and economic factors this city has.
Market: Budapest is the largest city of Hungary, it serves as the country's principal political, cultural, commercial, industrial, andtransportation centre and is considered an important hub in Central Europe
Total Market Demand
· Product: The product sold consists on a dozen of packed crepes separated individually ready to fill up. Its neutral flavor facilitates the combination with sweet products as much as salty ones. This product does not have variations and are prepared through a standardized procedure.
· Total volume: theminimal volume to sell is 60 packages a day, 420 packages a week, 1680 per month, 20160 per year, at a price of €3 per package (810 ft)

· Customer Group: the customer group will be Hungarians from 18 to 70 years old that live in the Budapest area with an income between €5 to €10 a week

· Geographical Area: Hungary, Budapest districts V, VI, VII, VIII, and IX (for introduction, its plannedto expand when the product is known and the sales are stable.)

· Time Period: 1 year. Which includes the introduction and promotion of the products in the Hungarian market.

· Marketing Environment

The Internal Environment:
The company will operate with 12 employees, from which: 5 general employees, 4 customer service, 1 cook and 2 delivery employees
This company has €5000 for buying theraw materials, pay the workers and the basic utilities for the first 3 months, once this date has pass the company will have to pay with the earnings.
The machinery and the installation price will be covered by “La Petite Cuillère” Mexico
The material will be bought in Hungary, the first 3 months with the money reserved for the activities needed to start operations.
The production capacity(since it only has two cooks) and the production time for 10 crepes packages is 1 hour. The cooks works 7 hours, which at the moment generates a total production of 70 packages of crepes per day.
The Micro-Environment.
The consumers will be approached with a direct pull strategy.
The suppliers will give the company a credit which will be paid every last day of the month for 1 year, after hatthe contract can be renewed or cancelled.
The Macro-Environment.
Economic Factors: The Hungarian economy is passing through hard times but this does not mean the product will be affected, because it’s not a primary article.
Socio-Cultural Factors: the crepes are a well known French dish that would be well accepted by Hungarians especially in Budapest because is the most cosmopolitan city inHungary.
· Marketing Program
The marketing program will consist on a pull strategy directly on the store, as well as T.V and Radio spots, some in-store offers and

Derived Demand
Special crepe flour
Complementary Products
Milk, milk candy, nutella, chocolate, marmalade, chicken, beef, etc.
Indirect Substitutes
Flour based thin tortillas, waffles
No direct substitutes are known.
Company Products
Product: The product sold consists of a dozen crepes packed and individually separated ready to fill up. Its neutral flavor facilitates the combination with sweet products as much as salty.
Company’s Market Potential

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Budapest | 52...
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