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Restoration reflected on Caricatures
Restoration is a period were the monarchy of Cromwell was reestablish. It is also known, for the period in witch people started to emigrate from England toAmerica in search for freedom and riches. These is why people started to experience new things, like the scientific method, starts to take reason over everything and starts to perfect themselves. Thesecaricatures show many ways that peoples starts to change.
In this period, is clear how there is no hygiene. There is no sanitation. The first caricature presents how a person by walking can getinjured. This shows how no one is safe around the streets, because of all the carelessness, and terrible living conditions . Also the second caricature shows how medicine is very primitive. In thisperiod scientists starts to use the scientific method, and this become a great help and a great advance for medicine. The caricature show how, probably, a blood test is made, with a knife. Restorationbegan to change how humans think, therefore, scientist began to look for better ways to heal any illness.
The next caricatures shows how their normal life was also affected. Normal people entertainthemselves by doing morbid things and grotesque things. Appearance was also very important. This shows wealth. Middle and low class people, take care of their appearance to fit in society, to fit in thehigh class. Also is clear how they want a lot of things. The greater things, the better. Food was one thing they wanted to have in large amounts. During this period men were not able to touch, or tohave any relationship wih any woman unless they were married. Men didn’t have any power to a woman.

During the restoration, England suffers a lot of changes, and so did society. While England wasreestablishing its government, society was reestablishing the way of thinking. They start to use reason, and scientific method, witch is a great advance in medicine. They also have a struggle to fit...
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