Resuemen de la breve historia economica del ecuador

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  • Publicado : 8 de marzo de 2011
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|Direct and Indirect Speech |
|When using indirect orreported speech, the form changes. Usually indirect speech is introduced by the verb said, as in I said, Bill said, or they said. Using the |
|verb say in this tense, indicates that something was said inthe past. In these cases, the main verb in the reported sentence is put in the past. If the main verb is|
|already in a past tense, then the tense changes to another past tense; it can almost beseen as moving even further into the past. |
|Verb tense changes also characterize other situations using indirect speech. Note the changes shown in the chart and see the table below for examples.With indirect |
|speech, the use of that is optional. |

|Direct Speech|⇒ |Indirect Speech |
|simple present |⇒ |simple past|
|He said, “I go to school every day.” | |He said (that) he went to school every day. |
|simple past|⇒ |past perfect |
|He said, “I went to school every day.” | |He said (that) he hadgone to school every day. |
|present perfect |⇒ |past perfect |
|He said, “I have...
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