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The story starts when two children, Ricky and Mark Sway, see? a Mafia lawyer, Jerome Clifford, trying to kill himself. He first try it by putting is to put one end ofa rubber tube onto the tail pipe of his car and the other end through the window. But Mark pulls away the tube.
When the lawyer realises it, he puts the tube back intothe tail pipe. Mark tries to pull it away once again, but the lawyer notices? him and pushes him into the car.

There, he tells Mark that his client has killed asenator and has hidden the body in his garage, under his boat, and now he wants to kill himself? because he knows about the body.
After this, he puts a gun in his mouth andfires
Ricky is shocked ,and his mother takes him to hospital. There, the police talk to Mark, but he lies and says he doesn't know anything.
He is afraid and looksfor a lawyer. He finds a woman called Reggie Love, who decides to work for him for a dollar .

Meanwhile, the Mafia is looking for Mark. They find him and send him aman to get him called Gronke, who threatens him with a knife.

Now he's so frightened that he doesn't want to talk to the FBI. They need him to talk, so they take himinto custody, although he finds it easy to escape.

He goes to meet Reggie. He thinks that perhaps Clifford told him a lie, so they go to his house to check up on it.The body is there, by the boat. Reggie talks to Mark seriously, advises him to tell the truth. At last, she persuades him to acogerse all witness protection programme.The FBI get Mark, Ricky and their mother new names and a new house in a distant place.
When they get on the plane, Reggie tells the FBI where the body is hidden.
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