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Austen’s now classic novel examines the trials and tribulations of a young woman in a wealthy eighteenth century milieu.
Chapter 1 The Bennets Mr and Mrs Bennet have five daughters. Mrs Bennet iseager to marry them off and is very unsubtle about it. When she sees a new neighbour in the area, a rich young man named Bingley, she hopes he will end up marrying one of her girls.

Chapter 2 Newneighbours at Netherfield Mr Bennet has formally visited Mr Bingley and shortly afterwards, all the daughters meet Bingley and his friend Mr Darcy at a ball. Darcy is rude to Elizabeth.

Chapter 3 Janegains an admirer Jane Bennet and Mr Bingley seem to be falling in love. Mr Darcy is becoming interested in Elizabeth. Jane is invited to dinner with the Bingleys. She falls ill while she is there.Elizabeth goes to join her. Bingley’s family express the opinion that a gentleman could never marry Jane, because of her ‘inferior’ relations on her mother’s side.

Chapter 4 Mr Collins Mr Collins, acousin of Mr Bennet’s and legal heir to all his wealth, comes to visit. He intends to marry one of the daughters, though he is dull and rude. He chooses Elizabeth.

Chapter 5 Mr Wickham On a visitto the local town, the daughters make the acquaintance of Mr Wickham, an army officer. Mr Darcy and Mr Wickham are obviously on extremely bad terms. Wickham later explains to Elizabeth that this isbecause Darcy had treated him very

dishonourably in the past.

Chapter 6 The ball at Netherfield At the ball, Mr Collins insists on dancing with Elizabeth. Wickham is absent. Miss Bingley warnsElizabeth that Wickham is lying about Darcy, but since she presents his fault as naturally due to his ‘inferior’ family, Elizabeth does not believe her and continues to trust Wickham.

Chapter 7 MrCollins makes a proposal Mr Collins asks Elizabeth to marry him. She refuses. Her mother is very angry but Mr Bennet supports Elizabeth’s decision.

Chapter 8 Netherfield is empty Jane receives a...
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