Resumen cinema paradiso (ingles)

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Cinema Paradiso

This movie is from the director Giuseppe Tornatore, and is a movie that took place in the last years of the cinema before the invention of the television and during the first yearsof the television in a little town named Giancaldo on Italy.

This movie is based on the feelings between the main character, Salvatore (Salvatore Cascio), who is a little boy who loves the moviesand the local cinema of the town “Cinema Paradiso”, and Alfredo (Philippe Noiret) the projectionist of the Cinema. The relationship between these two characters at the beginning of the movie (whenSalvatore was still a kid) was not that good, Alfredo was just doing his job and Salvatore was the typical annoying kid that is always asking how and why of everything Alfredo does, and Alfredo wasalways kicking him out of the cinema, but no matter what the little Salvatore will always return to the movies for one more movie because as he had no father he just lived with his mother who always hithim really hard for almost everything.

The movie has some highlights on it as the scene where Alfredo is cutting the love scenes of the movie, every kiss every hug and every love signal was excludedof the movie, little Salvatore told Alfredo why he cut that pieces of the movies and what did he did with the pieces of film, and curious as always he found all the love scenes at the back of theroom, so Salvatore told Alfredo to give him those parts of the films, and he accepted (after some discussion) but he could´t take the film with him.

The movie moves on and Salvatore is in charge ofthe cinema as the projectionist, now Savatore has grown up and he need to go to the military to make service, he suffered because he didn´t wanted to leave the cabin from “Cinema Paradiso”. And at hisreturn he meets a girl named Elena (Agnese Nanoand) had a romance with her and both fall in love, everyone could tell that is the classical love movie and how they fight for the love and all that,...
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