Resumen Conquista Normanda Inglaterra

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  • Publicado : 9 de enero de 2013
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Before we start with the Norman Conquest in itself, it is essential to name the changes that took place some years ago. Specifically, some sources pointsout that the Norman Conquest does not start in 1066, but some years earlier, with other conflicts and invasions.
If we observe the timeline of the history of England in detail, the year 978 could bea significant date to start talking about the antecedents of the Norman Conquest. In this year, Edward the Martyr, king of England, was murdered at Corfe in Dorset probably by his elder half-brotherÆthelred. However, his little popularity among the citizens encouraged his half-brother Æthelred to murder him in order to become the new king of England.
According to a BBC article written by Dr.Mike Ibeji, it was in 1016, when Cnut (king of Denmark) achieved the kingdom of England, by exploiting the disputes between king Æthelred Unraed, his son Edmund Ironside and his closest advisors. Atthis point, it can be considered the treachery of Eadric (ealdorman of Mercia) in favor of Cnut, as a determinant event in Cnut ascension to the throne of England, and also in subsequent episodes of thehistory of England. The statement “traitors were never trusted but collaboration paid” strongly portrays what happens later with Eadric, since Cnut decided to kill him, together with his supportersand almost all members of Æthelred’s royal family. However, the younger sons of Æthelred (among them Edward) were able to flee to France with her uncle Duke Richard II (brother of their mother Emma).After that, two important determinations marked Cnut throne: on the one hand, he decided to surround himself with two loyal supporters, Earls Leofric and Godwine (Danish and English respectively). Onthe other hand, the next strategic step of Cnut was the arranged marriage with Emma, which will provide him with the certainty that the king of Normandy would not act against him in favor of Edward....
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