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Crimson Stained by Quinn Keitt

Great For Young Adults!

Lacey was pretty happy with her current leisure existence despite a few complaints here and there. Living on her own rockedher socks. However, while coming home from work one night, she witnessed a disturbing attack on a young and rather eye-catching youth. Thinking the worst was over she continued to goabout her daily business. That is, until the boy she saw sprawled out on the bloody street showed up pressed against her balcony window. Obviously something is wrong. This boy should bedead. He is dead. So why then is he stalking her, in the nude? Does he want to start his own army of creatures of the night or does he feel some kind of unexplainable enticement towardsher? Lacey will soon come to find that not all legendary stories are true, when it comes to being with a Vampire.

Personal Review: Crimson Stained by Quinn Keitt
I will admit I am ahuge Twilight fan but need that little extra "umph" for my older generation. This was it! I loved her unique version of the vampire world because we have seen the same old lots of timesalready. Lacey is a

character that most young adults can relate to. She worries about the stress of her job and trying to find the perfect "man" at the same time is weeding out thecreeps. She had no idea that she would find true love the way she did! I laughed with her and cried with her throughout the book. Everyone wants to feel needed by someone and Quinn pulls herreaders in and makes us feel everything with Lacey. I could not stop reading this book! There are twists and turns that you will never suspect! I describe this book at Twilight meetsTrue Blood. You must read! Great job! Hope there's more!

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