Resumen de capítulos 1 al 4 de "the accountant ´s story" by roberto escobar

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Improve reading comprehension skills and share personal opinions.

Read chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4 from the book “The Accountant´s Story”, by Roberto Escobar, and write yourpersonal opinion about the reading.

Knowing the story of Pablo and his family since the beginning, a can tell they were good people with no intentions of hurting or causing all the murdersthat came after. As Roberto says in the book, when a person grows in the middle of poverty, the most important of his objectives is going to be the money. The real problem appears when the personblinds himself and does not recognize the risk of his actions in order to get more money. While I was reading the way Pablo lost the business he had with Alvaro (which was contraband, but it did not wasdangerous for third people), I actually felt sorry about Pablo and his family. The reason?... Pablo was only persuading his dream. He might not be doing a completely legal business, but neither was herisking someone else´s safe, but his. He was also contributing to help poor people with his own money. At this point, I support him and I also consider he could have been a great leader because hecared about his subordinates, and so they were loyal to him. The problem started when that police officer betrayed Pablo, causing the loss of his business. After that, I can tell Pablo didn´t find anotherway to get money as easily as with the contraband, so he chose the cocaine business. This is what I do reject in Pablo´s behavior: he got used to get big amounts of money through easy ways. Heblinded himself because of all the money he wanted to get and could not measure the possible consequences of his actions. He did not realize he was risking his own life and his family´s.

Iactually found this activity very interesting. The subject really caught my attention and I actually felt different emotions while I was reading the chapters. I think it was a simple but worthy...
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