Resumen de el fantasma de la opera en ingles

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The man who created the phantom
Peter Haining
September 1986
Gastón Leroux, the versatile French author who created the Phantom of the Opera, was a man who felt a passion inmarcesible theatre andjust seems to after years of fighting, write reviews for newspapers and several failed works, leave their mark on the literature with a novel about an episode special in the history of most importantof France Opera House.
Gastón Leroux, who was born in Paris in 1868, is as interesting as its history.
Sor work as investigative reporter allowed to investigate alleged illegal procedures in localpolice and the public administration and his hard-hitting reports not only exposed several corrupt officials, but also its name as a journalist.
Andn 1911, published the Phantom of the Opera, in whoseintroduction explains to readers the way in which made their inquiries about the strange events that occurred at the famous Opera Theatre in the decade from 1880. Read this novel by installments madea researcher at Universal Pictures began the chain of events that led to the Phantom of the Opera to screen for the first time in 1925.
Lto novel confirms that there is more to say what has beensaid in the films, because it has profound psychological foundations and is rather more detailed. Our work consisted in finding a visual metaphor for the psychological foundations of the work. Finally,there were additional benefits in this adventure. The most notable was a trip to Paris where I visited the famous Lake in the depths of the Opera (five floors below the stage) and climbed to thePinnacle on the roof (five floors above), where the final scene of the first act takes place. No a way to get there, no handrails to hold, you can simply continue to cats to an engineer of agile steps ofthe Opera of Paris. The wind is blowing and not look down when you get to the top, astride, you can see opposite people located at the top of the Eiffel Tower.
"The Phantom of the opera there was...
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