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  • Publicado : 4 de enero de 2012
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My Paranormal History
Well when i was like 8 years old I when to Cuba with some friends we stayed in a hotel that was cold tropicoco the name didn’t sound so bad so we decided to stayed there justfor 4 days the hotel had pool, open bar and 5 stories. So the fist day we were carrying the luggage to the room in the night so when it was my turn to carried my luggage to my room I saw a woman witha wedding dress, that was extremely horrible so I then I let my luggage in the floor and I stared running to my room and I felt she was behind my so I did look back and when I arrive to the room thewoman had disappeared that night I just could sleep I was afraid that if I closed my eyes the woman might appear, so the next day I was steel afraid about last night so I told my friend SANTIAGO toaccompany me to get my luggage so I picked up and on the way back he told my why did he had to accompany me and I told him because last night I saw a dead woman he just laugh at me but I did care tomuch that they we when to Habana in the bus I was so pale that my teacher thought I was sick I told her no Im find so when we returned I it was 3:00 so we when to the pool and we were swimming andeverything the I went to the free bar to take a drink I asked the person that was there if he had known something about a woman or a ghost and he tell me yes there were a married couple that stayed here for3 days they said that the husband abandon her and so the wife just trough herself out of the window and so he said that her spirit was around the hotel since he told me that had always someone withme then in the 4 day we were just packing all our things because that was the last day in that hotel we stayed there all the afternoon on till 11:00 in the night we went to the 4 storie just to seeand for scare some of our friends we went to the elevator and in 5 seconds we were in the 4 storie I we when out of the elevator and we stared searching and does thinks I remembered I scare 6 friends...
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