Resumen de la pelicula el cisne negro

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  • Publicado : 29 de mayo de 2011
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Nina is a girl who has been the victim of her mother, who because of his birth had to abandon the dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer, and this frustrated dream goes directly to hisdaughter, who also grew up without a dad.
The mother does everything for her daughter to be one of the best ballet dancers, to a level that will be deprived of life itself, a need for privacy to sleep,away from everyone, and stifles in one train ballet.
The mother was cutting up nails, pressed every day that I wanted her to be the principal dancer of Swan Lake.

The end result, a perfectdaughter in the ballet but with psychological problems of excessive anxiety that leads to hallucinations of various kinds.
Nina had a serious personality to be so pressured by those around and not be ableto handle it, your subconscious takes over this point in his life, jugándole several passes of which he remembers nothing until the day of great presentation.
 Upon entering this state lost track ofreality, his mind was lost and did not know what he did.

The anxiety I felt was relieved with self-injury, all caused by not feeling able to be the perfect dancer.
 At the start of hishallucinations ceased to realize that was still she who caused his injuries becoming more serious, in his mind would not let her hurt herself, and imagined that scratch and rash was a form of metamorphosis.Thomas harassment was real, he needed a change in the way of dancing to embody the character of the Black Swan. I needed it to be seductive, more inaccurate and spontaneous in her dancing, and likemost dance coaches, sometimes crossing the line of respect too personal to get what they wanted to see.
 The first indecent proposal for the lead role, was also real, as in many parts, thechoreographer was corrupt and throughout his career has always performed well, even Beth knew what was required to do for the elect a new girl for the role .

The exit to the nightclub with Lily was...
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