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This is the story of an English young man called David Copperfield. The narrator, David himself, tells the story of his life from his childhood to maturity.
David’s childhoodwas not an easy one, not at all. His father had died six months before he was born, and seven years later, his mother marries a man called Edward Murdstone. David had more than good reasons to dislikehis stepfather and her sister Jane, who moves into the house later on.
Mr. Murdstone punishes David for not doing well with his studies. One day, Mr. Murdstone beats him hard with a stick and Davidbites him. Soon afterwards he is sent away to a boarding school called Salem House. Here David makes two good friends, James Steerforth and Tommy Traddles.
After a long time, David returns home for theholydays and he finds out that his mother has had a baby. She got sick and very weak though.
Soon after, David goes back to school and he is told that his mother and her baby had died, so Davidreturns home at once. Mr. Murdstone sends him to work in a factory. Here his boss, Mr. Micawber, goes to jail after going broke. In London, David finds himself hopelessly alone, so he decides to look forhis aunt and only relative, Betsey Trotwood, in seek of help.
This unusual aunt agrees to raise him; yet, the Murdstones try to reclaim David’s custody. David keep telling the story as he grows andprospers in his adult life, knowing new characters but also reencountering old ones; one of them is Peggotty, his mother’s trustful housekeeper, and all her family, including ‘little Emily’, whomDavid had always loved in silence.
Days later David’s old best friend, Steerforth, appears. During his visits with David to the Peggotty family he seduces Emily and eventually takes her away from herhome. Her father Daniel immediately goes after her daughter, imbued with anger and sadness.
Meanwhile, David begins working on a firm of lawyers for a man called Mr. Wickfield. Here he knows Agnes,...
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