Resumen de the pigman

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The Pigman

Summary Chapter #1

Both john and Lorraine go to Flanklin high school in New York. They also meet Mr. Pignati in this chapter and they all share with each other their lives in thisbook. The librarian’s name is Miss. Reillen but John calls hers her “the Cricket” because of the sound that her nylons make when she walks.

Summary Chapter #2

Lorraine starts in this chapterbecause she and John are writing this book and she explains this whole thing about writing down all this weird and strange things that have been happening to them

Summary Chapter #3

John talks aboutthe relationships he has had with adults before and how Miss King trys to appear younger, John didn’t like that, he liked Mr. Pignati because he didn’t try to be or become someone that wasn’t him. Wewas him self and that’s what John liked about him. He always says that Lorraine is going to be a famous writer and that he wants to be an actor.

Summary Chapter #4

Lorraine tells us where shegot the name The Pigman and that it wasn’t totally random. She would call Mr. Pignati and prank him and pretend to be from a neighborhood charity and then he would start laughing and he would ask whatthe joke was. Lorraine could tell that he was an old lonely man because his wife was in California

Summary Chapter #5

John doesn’t want to tell Dennis and Norton that Mr. Pignati donated money tothis fake neighborhood charity because he doesn’t want them to take more money of him because they would probably try to take advantage of him.
Summary Chapter #6

Lorraine and John go to thestore and cash the check but Lorraine isn’t fully convinced but John says that if they don’t cash it he could call the police on them. And then John wants to do something to Mr.Piganti for taking hismoney so he wants to take him to the zoo. Lorraine’s dad died about 6 years ago.

Summary Chapter #7

John talks about how Mr. Pignati bought them a bunch of stuff like ice cram and candy and how he...