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  • Publicado : 29 de mayo de 2011
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Nina Nina ballerina

Jane O'Connor

Abigail Mota
ESL Intermediate II Reading Class
Spring Semester
April 26, 2010
Book Report

This story happened in a dance school in Nina'shouse, park and theater.
Nina: A girl who liked to dance, I wanted to be queen of the musical wing would do. But she would not come up nicely.
Mom: The ideal person to give advice,always supporting and giving encouragement to his young daughter.
Sara: The girl to whom all things went right. Could dance and was the queen of the festival.
Teacher: The ballet teacher Sarah andNina.
There was once a dance school where many girls dancing ballet. There were two girls in particular that it had differences, Nina danced but not as well as Sara, Nina could do the split(ballet step) but not as well as Sara ... The day of the festival was approaching, and the teacher decided to choose the best student for the Queen of the butterflies and chose Sarah. Nina was verysad, and when I get home with his mom told him about everything ... Her mother told her not to worry that it was all right, that maybe in the next festival she would be what was once the queen. Then andNina got a little better and one day before the festival she and her friends went to the park city, Nina was very excited and ran to the railing and jump from very high and fell to the ground, theyall look scared and cried there! But when they arrived it was too late, Nina had a broken your arm. Nina became even more sad because she wanted to dance in the festival. After arriving home, Nina'smother called Nina's teacher, and I explain everything, but to the surprise of her Mistress Nina said she could dance like this in the festival, it would be a butterfly with a broken wing, but even soremain important in the festival. Finally day of the festival came in, everything went very well and all her friends end striated gypsum and they wrote their names in the. All were very happy in...
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