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  • Publicado : 21 de agosto de 2012
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w: hi friends.
w and y: hi!
w: do you like to the cinema today?
y: yes, let´s go
x: do you like to watch a scary movie?
y: no, we not brave enough tosee that movi.
w: an ok! No problem, let´s see this movie that is so good
x: oh yes!
y: yes, but the movie is too late.
w: so… what we can do while itstarts?
x: let´s go to buy ice cream in mc Donald’s.
y: hey I like this ice cream, I want this, plis
w: okI want the blackberry sundae.
x: and me want the Hershey of white chocolate
w: ok! It´s time for the movie, let´s go.________________________________________________
y: oh no! this movie is so badly.
y: yes it´s too badly, I don´t liked
w: it such a repulsive movie, I was so bored
y:and now let´s go to buy clothes
w and x: yes, let´s go.
y: Laura! Look this t-shirt, Is so beautiful
x: yes, and this squirt is too short but it´s is sopretty.
w: I want those shoes, let´s go to buy
y: oh no! Friends I’m so tired, do you like to go to myhouse?
x: oh yes! I´m so tires and I want sleep
w: let´s go
x: girls, we are lost
y: oh no, and what weare doing?
w: I go to call to my mom
x: girls, this place is so badly.
y: yes, look at the police man.
w: come on we are go to ask the police man
x: hey,can you help me, help me, help me, plis
y: oh no girls this is not a police, is a thief.
x: run, run quickly.
w: hey look at my mom, we are saved.
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