Resumen del museo de la tolerancia

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  • Publicado : 17 de mayo de 2011
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Memory and Tolerance Museum
I love this museum a lot!, one of the reasons of why I like it, is because it has a lot of technologic and also this museum is different from another museums because itis divided into two parts, and the two parts show you interesting thing. It is interactive and it make you think a lot of how you could improve the world by your acts.
This museum was created in1999, on Plaza Juarez at the historic center, with the purpose of transmit two of the most important values that the human being should have, the TOLERANCE. The museum conveys this value through the mostterrible historical events that have befallen the world. The aim of this museum is to show what the intolerance of the people have led to, one clear example was the Holocaust.
One of the mostterrible events that have happened in the world, in this event about 300, 000 persons died in the concentration camps.
The museum is divided into two parts: tolerance and memory.
The memory part is aboutthings that changed the world in a negative way like the holocaust, in the exhibition, they show you the story of the genocides, through; videos, testimonials and pictures that are very impactant, theyexplain everything very clearly.
This exposition explain Hitler´s life, his life was very bad because when he was a little boy he became an orphan, in a period he lived on the streets, heparticipated in the second world war, and after the defeat that Germany suffered, Hitler had a lot of rancor so when the crisis in Germany increased he took the opportunity to become dictator of Germany andtake revenge against people Diderot his nation, for example, the Jews.

Maybe if Hitler had learned the importance of respect the ideas of others, and also the value of the tolerance, Hitler hadn´tcommitted all these acts of discrimination and violence he did. Like kill the Jews, Gypsies, disabled, homosexuals, religious, etc. , without any reason, just because he wanted revenge.
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