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CHAPTER 1 – The Jonathan Harker's Journal
4 and May 5

Jonathan Harker describes the scenery during his journey from Munich to Hungary. The lady of the house where he spends the night gives him a crucifix to find the place where it goes and especially to express a superstition that on the night in which he travels, is the night where all the evil spirits are released . Travelling withdiligence only to a certain way, and at one point, it picks up the carriage of Count Dracula. Jonathan describes the enormous physical strength that has the driver, easy to control the wolves and the journey through the night to reach the castle of the Count.

CHAPTER 2 – The Jonathan Harker's Journal (Continued)
May 5 at night to May 8

Upon arrival at the castle, Jonathan waits at the door untilDracula opens the door and invites you to spend. Harker feels that sees dark shadows on the dusty and gloomy castle of the Count, is afraid and did not mirror any part of the castle. The Count shows you your room, dinner and gives talks to Harker about his work during his stay there. Both go to sleep just before dawn.
May 7: Harker wakes up late and going to the library, where books and maps foundon London. At night, Harker and Count discussed about the new property he acquired in England: Carfax Farm, Medieval looking away from the city, next to an insane asylum.
May 8: To be able to shave, Jonathan uses a small pocket mirror he carried. The Count enters the room while you shave Harker, plus it never gets to see the image of Dracula in his mirror and accidentally cut the skin. The Countnotes with demonic eyes and with great desire to see blood, but deviates from touching the crucifix that the hostess had given Harker.
Jonathan begins to feel insecure, so I inspected the castle and realizes that all doors are locked, making her his prisoner.

CHAPTER 3 - The Jonathan Harker's Journal (Continued)
15 May 1912

Harker discovers there is no bondage in the house and thoughtit was the Count himself who picked him up in the coach also questioned the supernatural power of the Count on wolves in the night.
Jonathan Dracula tells the stories and struggles that his family has faced against the invading Turks, as if he himself had witnessed them all. The Count asked to send letters to your boss and tell friends that he is well and will stay in Transylvania a month, yetthey are ready to leave some details and clarify some doubts that the county has about Carfax. That same night, Jonathan Dracula sees out the window of his room and sees him slip through the castle wall like a lizard. Harker is scared and wonders what kind of creature is this, however, also realizes that he is a prisoner of the Count and runs a huge risk, because the only safe place in the Castle,on instructions from the Count, is its own room.
May 15: Harker has again seen the Count out like a lizard between the walls, so it takes to find a way out. Runs into a room that is between open and dominated by sleep, falls asleep. Soon after, three women voluptuous and sensual, two brunettes and a blonde observe him and enticed. Jonathan describes the girl with sharp teeth and willing toapproach your neck, at the time, Dracula enters the room, the blonde suddenly away and scolds him for having disobeyed his orders not to touch Harker. The Count gives them a bag with a person inside and they disappear as if they had dissolved into dust particles and the moonlight.

CHAPTER 4 - The Jonathan Harker's Journal (Continued)
May 18 to June 30

Harker believes that everything has been adream, but to go to the room of the 3 women during the day, check that there has been a nightmare to see that the door is open.
May 19: The Count asks Harker to send three letters with different dates of shipment. Jonathan suspects that his last day of life is the last date of the letters.
May 28: Jonathan realizes that a group of Gypsies are camped in the courtyard of the castle, so I wrote two...
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