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Honorable teacher, honorable public, and anotherpolitical parties represented here. Good morning.I t s a pleasure to me are representing this political party, and show you alittle detail about how was formed this party which are its agreements and so on, but before I continue. Letsme present you each participants of the party.
President: José Vicente Alvarado Arevalo
Vicepresidente: Maria Gladis MegiaPolitical advisor: Alfredo Alexander Koreas Barahona
Mayor: Milagro Elizabeth VasquezCampaign manager: Moises Morales
And two
Minesters: Ana Maria Pacheco and Reina Guadalupe Valle

Why to create a political party for?
Whenwe decided to create this political party we thought in the young people.
We believe that the young people are the future for a new el Salvador
we meets a group of citizens belonging to differentsocial classes in the country and agrees to establish a new political identity called Youth Democratic party

On September 30, 1985, with the assistance of over a hundred people, includingprofessionals, farmers, traders, employees and workers from different areas of the country, the party was composed of democratic youth.
the name of the party come from the idea to provide opportunities to...
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