Resumen en inglés "the box"

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  • Publicado : 20 de marzo de 2011
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The actors of the film are Cameron Diaz, James Marsden and Frank Langella, the history happends in United States at 1976. The background is not stranger, it seems like usual background,but with unusual history.

Norma and Arthur Lewis, a couple with financially problems, one day find a package in the enter of her house. Inside is a locked box with a button and a notewitch said: "Mr. Steward will call you at 5:00 pm".At five, Steward, an elderly man with a facial burn, visits them. He tells them that if the box's button is pushed, he will give them one milliondollars, but someone in the world will die. After much deliberation, Norma suddenly pushes the button.
At the moment, many miles away, the police are called to investigate a house in which someone heardshots, the man who lived there, Jeffrey, has killed his wife and he disapears, leaving his daughter locked in the bathroom.
Steward then returns to give Norma and Arthur the money, informing them thatthey will not know the person who next receives the offer, leaving open the possibility that one of them, or their son, may be killed.

A confusing and mysterious turn of events will happend whilethe film was during. Arthur investigate a lot of things, but nothing can be usefull, their destin was been predictable as the moment that they push the botton.

Arthur and Norma return home and findSteward in their kitchen, who offers them a final choice. Their son, Walter, is now deaf and blind and locked in the bathroom. They can live with their million dollars, and their disabled son, orArthur can shoot Norma, then, the disabled of Walter will be resolve and the million dollars will be in a acount for Walter. The couple runs to the bathroom where they can hear their son shouting, butWalter can not hear them calling back to him. Norma refuses to see her son like this. Norma say to Artur to kill her. Arthur agrees, and as he shoots his wife, another couple far away pushes the...
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