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He was a rare boy. The second son of the second cousin of my second wife's second niece, who died and left her husband: a Tailor with two sons, the one good, the other good for nothing. And this latter boy was called Fearnot, and he played the fiddle. He had a red hair, great grin, white skin with freckles. He liked to find a spot underneath the window of his gamsel,daughter of a Merchant, she was a beauty and darling women.

Fearnot was best fun, until the father appeared, He got flush and furious, flinging down flowerpots "Be off!" he had say. "Good-for-nothing!" And he had be right; because the Fearnot wasn’t valued for his simile or his dancing fiddle. One day, under his gamsel’s window, she smiled and He returned home’s father jumping for joy. Thetailor looked up whit his face dark with rarge "What time do you call this?" he demanded, scowling at his son. Fearnot was confused. "I don't know, Father," he replied "What time do you call it?" His father sighed a sigh. "God give me patience!" he exclaimed, then thought better of his temper. "Have you got the buttons?" Buttons? Fearnot didn't know what his father was talking about. "Thebuttons I sent you out for this morning!" sais the Tailor. Fearnot responded "I complete forget them buttons. I stood and played under my gamsel's window. She's a lovely."
The Tailor turned to his other son and ordered him to get the buttons, but this was frightened to the dark. The walk home would take him through the forest, and he was fearful of shadows. There were trolls there, and dragons. Atthe mention of the word "dragon," Fearnot piped up. "Let me go," he said. "I don't mind shadows and I never saw a dragon". Fearnot grinned "What are you going for?" tested his father. Fearnot couldn't quite remember. "Don't tell me," he said, scratching his head. "To see dragons?" his father said “No”. Fearnot tried again. "ogres?" Father erupted with strong voice. "BUTTONS!" he bawled. "BUTTONS!"Fearnot left his home smiling and repeating the word “bottons” for memorized. He had a way through the village and threaded a way through the forst. Moans, howls and hoots, and the sudden creak but none of this affected. Quite the reverse. He had his fingers crossed for a surprise. Then, suddenly, a huge monster appeared in front of him. The monster roared, but he had not fear. "Hello!"cried Fearnot. "What are you? A Troll?" The monster bellowed back, "I am a Wurdle!" "I want your bag of buttons,". Fearnot explained they were for his dad. "Give me the buttons!" the monster stormed. Fearnot frowned and swung the bag of buttons. "Very well," he said, and dealt the Wurdle a blow, sending it flying.

The monster was the youth of the village who wanted to play a joke gives feranot.He tried to recover the lost buttons, but after an hour could only find a few. Then return home to his father. Fearnot told the story to his father but He did not believe him and angry, he gave fifty shillings in a bag and told him to find something to do with your life and then, he set out to find learn to be afraid with a bag of shillings and a fiddle.
He walked and walked until a crossroadsway. And there he met a man, not an ordinary man, "Good day, young man!" "Ah, I can see by the gleam in your eye you have a sweetheart.” "I do, sir," said fearnot. "What's her name?" asked but Fearnot didn't know.
"Tell me," young friend, "is your sweetheart dark or fair?" "Dark," Fearnot told him. "Like Arabia." "Happy day! A happy day for you, young fellow. For I have in my bag a scarf "Here,"he said. "Take it, and may you learn a name with it. "Thank you," he said, over and over. "Thank you!" . "Because I can see you're a good fellow," he began, "I'm only going to ask from you what I paid myself. A double persian."
"How much is that?" he inquired. "How much do you have?" reply the man. "Fifty shillings," Fearnot told him. this is Less than two-thirds.". Fearnot, for his part,...
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