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  • Publicado : 27 de febrero de 2011
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Hitch Seduction Specialist
Alex Hitchen, he's an expert in knowing what women wants, he have a basic principles one of those are no matter what, no matter when, no matter who any man has a chance tosweep any woman off her feet, Just needs the right broom, and this is possible in just three dates (Guaranteed). He lives in New York, and every men in this city knows about this men but not everymen have the pleasure of his help, the only way to have a meeting with Alex Hitchen or Hart doctor like women calls him is by recommendation.

So he has an especially case, Albert Brennaman who is adisaster men, he contact to Hitch cause he'd like have a date with an especial woman, Allegra Cole who is an actress of Hollywood, so for Allegra Cole realizes that Albert exist; Albert, his bosses andAllegra are in a business meeting and he have to challenges to his bosses and says to Allegra that she's an excellent woman and doesn't need tips of them for take control of his life and her money.Allegra looks surprised cause no one had told her that before, so she's interested for Albert and wants a date for check her finances, (pure woolly, she likes him).

But Hitch investigates toAllegra's best friend, Maggie and discover that she loves art and Hitch say to Albert that cancel the date with Allegra to make another date with Maggie and Allegra, and she accept, so hitch gives a tip tohim, Be attentive with Maggie, cause the best friend of a girl affect in all decisions. They go for the date and knows to Maggie but the point that she's not girl is man Magnus Forester (damn, whichman wants a nickname like Maggie), so Albert like he's gay but this a generous and nice gesture for Allegra.

In the other hand Hitch met a girl, Sara Melas who is a rare girl cause she doesn't acceptdate with men, she loves her work, her live is work but with a way or with another hitch makes that she accept a date, and this date won't be a normal date, will be in the Sunday's morning in the...
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