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Hotel Rwanda


Traditional tribes in Rwanda, most of them Hutus (farmers) and the minority Tutsis (farmers)
What happens during colonization is that the soldiers by radio toincite Hutus to "eradicate the invasion killing of Tutsis. " Paul ruses Bagin a Hutu and director of the Hotel Mille Collines, owned by Belgian airline Sabena.
Respected for his generosity, hischarisma and the contacts he has, is involved in the course of events when his wife threatened Tutsi(Sophie Okonedo), their children and neighbors to death and was able to overcome the first obstaclesthrough bribery With the hope that international forces arrive at any time to avoid civil war. However, the situation is getting worse.
After the assassination of Rwandan President begin theindiscriminate killings of Tutsis at the hands of Hutu soldiers and citizens. Paul manages to protect their own at the hotel, which start arriving thousands of people for help.
As a young camera, BBC reporter(Joaquin Phoenix), attends the show gruesome and Paul makes use of all resources and possible bribes to keep alive the Tutsi refugees in the hotel, international forces arrive in Rwanda but only whitecitizens to evacuate and return to their countries of origin and with orders not to intervene. Paul, armed with courage, with the help of Colonel Oliver (Nick Nolte) of the UN (let down by theinternational behavior), achieved first shelter and protect, and save after the lives of thousands of people who trusted him.
Commits himself to protect his Tutsi wife, Tatiana, her children and the 1200Tutsi neighbors, fearful and threatened, arriving at the hotel for help and protection, when international forces offered no intervention or assistance to the persecuted.

A guerrilla Interahamwe wasformed in Rwanda during their civil war, made up mostly of people from the Hutu ethnic group. The literal meaning of the word Interahamwe is "Those who stand together " or "Those who fight...
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