Resumen Ingles Orgullo Y Prejuicio

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Miss Caroline Bingley convinces Elizabeth Bennet, to walk around the room while they continued talking while Mr. Darcy was writing a very important letter. While Mr. Darcy told involuntarycompliments and tells a simple compliments and care.
Elizabeth has the ability to think quickly and respond, to what Mr. Darcy would say without being obvious in the eyes of Miss Caroline Bingley.The evening is spent in a charming counterpoint between these two, most of the time, she tries to ridicule the superiority of respected sir. Caroline is displaced from the entire conversationbetween Elizabeth and Darcy and interrupts the spirited dispute that these were on the vanity and pride with a little music.
 Although Mr. Darcy and a bit worried attentions between him andElizabeth.
The Bennet sisters return to Longbourn, with the surprise arrival of Mr. Collins, who was a priest who had been benefited by the large Lady Catherine de Borough with a parish inRosings. and relative, in the male line, to move closer to owning Longbourn once when Mr. Bennet dies. The then chose the one he liked, Jane Bennet to be his wife, not knowing what had happened daysbefore.
Hearing that Mrs. Bennet commented that Jane was already proposed for Sr.Bingley. At breakfast Mr. Collins changed by Elizabeth Jane. Any of his daughters to take to wife suitedCollins Mrs. Bennet.
Upon hearing the proposal of Mr. Collins, Elizabeth laughing flatly refused the proposal of Mr Collins
After Bennet sisters came to Longbourn center, where he had installed amilitary regiment, which Lydia and Kitty delirious, through official Wickham know Denny, who was interested in Miss Elizabeth and she felt some attraction for him .
Strolling found Mr.Bingley and Mr. Darcy greeted warmly and left. To which Mr. Wickham was not very happy because he said to Miss Elizabeth that they were childhood friends and had finished quarreling circumstances.
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