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++++I-AM---I´M; YOU-ARE…..YOU´RE; HE IS…he´s; SHE IS…she´s; IT IS… it´s; WE ARE… we´re; THEY ARE.. they´re +++cuando las cosas son de uno ´s I-my, HE-his, SHE-her, What´s her name?,where she from? ++ a letra, an vocal +++uncle y aunt:tio, husband:esposo, wife:tia, daughter:hija +++DO( I,we,you,they) DOES(he,she,it) wh+do o does+he o she+verd? Where does marialive? +++ HAVE (I,,they) HAS(he,she,it) ++5:00 it´s five o´clock, 5:45 it’s quarter to six, 6:15 it´s quarter past six, +++across from: alfrente de, near:cerca, between: entre, downthe street: abajo, across the street:pasando, around the corner:vuelta en la esquina +++there is: singular , there are: plural… (is there. Are there) +++ I can play guitar o I can´tplay the guitar……. Can you o could you +++WAS(I,he,she,it) WERE(we,you,they) para hablar sobre el pasado ++++past simple 1.verbos regulars + ED(look,work,love,earn,die,want,learn) DID(I,you,he,she) watch tv O didn´t es el pasado de DOES +++COUNT: se puede contar, apples es delicius … NO COUNT: no se cuenta: tea es delicious ++++LIKE(i,you,we,they) LIKES(he,she) iwould like to have children +++HOW MANY: cuantos, how many tomatoes are they? HOW MUCH: no se cuentan how much sugar do you want? ++++present continuos: en este momento con ING I amlearning inglish +++GOING TO wh+am,is,are + going to+ verb+comp? He is+ going to+verb+compl? +++cloudy:nuboso,sunny:soleado,windy:viento,raining:lluvia,snowing:nieve +++ in(meses,tiempodias,lugar) on(dia,fecha,calle) at(hora,dirrecion exacta) +++IF + claused condición…. Future result If the weather is nice…i´m going go to beach +++DOLOR..should I see a doctor?headache:cabeza,stomachache,earache:oido,backache:espalda,fever,cough:gripa,could:resfriado +++WICH: cual o cuales: which jumper do you like?...WHOSE:de quein, quienes: whose is this book?

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