Resumen inteligencia artificial en ingles

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  • Publicado : 28 de enero de 2010
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Artificial intelligence (A.I)

Well, the movie starts with a kind of meeting where a Sir is explaining a new model of robot who has the power to think, to feel, but at the end of the day, as themanager said they’re just robots, just robots called “mechas”, but the company decided to star to experiment that mechas with a man called Henry and his wife, who has a sick child, in comma orsomething like that, and this robot is the opportunity to replace that empty space, first the lady doesn’t accept the robot, but then she programmed it, Monica gave to the mecha boy a bear called teddy, thenthe real son of the couple get recovered, and the boy got back, but between Martin and David started a kind of rivalry, Martin asks David to cut hair from their mother, but it was discovered , thenin Martin’s birthday, David and Martin felt on the pool, Martin almost die, but survive, that’s why Monica leaved David in the forest, when Davis was walking on the forest, saw a trash truck whichthrow parts of mechas, useless fugitive mechas was looking for parts that they could, when “the moon” captured him, David lost teddy, but teddy gets to the “flesh fair” , where the mechas are destroyed,David felt scared, a girl saw him, and she told her dad that saw a little boy in the cage, but David is put in the target to be burned with acid, but suddenly the people started to complain, becausethey said that the mecha didn’t pray for its lives, start to yell, and David got to escape along with Joe.

The gigolo Joe promised to David that would help him, because he knows lot of women, andas the fairy blue is a women, for sure they will find him, so they go to a kind of modern club, or something like that to find the fairy, they consul to the Dr. Know, and it told them that the fairyblue is at the end of the world, David when he hear that started to want to go to that place, although Joe didn’t want and at the end is trapped by the police, but escape with David toward...
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