Resumen jeep willys

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Resumen jeep willys

The vehicle todoterrno Willy Jeep
He said the Jeep name comes from the cartoon Popeye the Sailor thirties, which featured a character named Eugene the Jeep that had higher powers, and that American soldiers during the Second World War also attributed to the Jeep. More likely the name comes from the initials GP, General Purpose, under which the U.S. Army organized thecompetition to provide a small four-wheeled utility vehicle. The company won the Bantam but the production contract was assigned to Ford and Willys, the latter then absorbed by Chrysler.

Jeep's history officially begins in 1941 when Ford and Willys-Overland Jeep started making factory in Ohio, USA. But it was in 1938 when it planted the seeds of what would be Jeep. In 1940 the United States Armyasked the U.S. vehicle manufacturers to submit their bids for a small vehicle with four-wheel drive that could be used for different tasks. Three companies responded with their prototypes, the "Quad" of Willys Overland, the "Blitz Buggy" American Bantam Car Co. and the Ford GP.

Bantam delivered three prototypes to the Army in September 1939. Each weighed 1275 pounds but did not give good resultsin tests. The vice president of engineering Willys Overland, Delmar "Barney" Roos, then proposed what he called a car "mosquito". A Col Rutherford, head of the Planning Section staff, liked what he saw in December 1939 and Willys-Overland was quick to develop the idea to turn it into a vehicle light, maneuverable and powerful it could carry troops and weapons.

Nevertheless, in June 1940, armyofficers visited the factory at Bantam to consider a new model of recognition. It was considered too light and was again rejected. However, when in July the army asked several manufacturers with a fast delivery of 70 vehicles with a weight of 1300 pounds, 660 pounds of payload and a wheelbase of 80 inches, was only able to promise delivery Bantam of the total 75 days. Willys in its bid set adeadline of 120 days for the total and Bantam won.

Barney Roos, however, added a positive comment to offer Willys rejected saying "it is impossible for any vehicle to be strong with a weight of 1,300 pounds." He explained that the Mayor HJ Lawes, the officer in charge of purchases and contracts Lawes Camp Holabird and Willys Overland and suggested that to build his own model to test pilot. It alsohelped that the army left Ford and Willys "inspect" the Bantam model, improving their models the two brands, which ended up looking suspiciously like the Bantam model.

The vehicle of 2,030 pounds of Bantam went from what was originally called was 1300 pounds, yet was lighter than the 2,400 pounds of Willys, on the other hand, was the only one that met the requirements established power by thearmy. In fact, the strong torque of motor "Go Devil" of Willys exceeded requested by the army and left little torque of Bantam and Ford. Taking the prototypes of the three companies, the Army placed an order for 4,500 vehicles, 1,500 to each for testing in the field. Recognizing that 1,300 pounds was not a realistic weight changed this requirement to 2,160 pounds. Roos's team began working tolighten the Quad. Completely disassembled and examined each piece to see if there was a possibility of using a lighter material in any of them. When finished, the Jeep just surpassed the required weight 7 ounces.

The delivery of 4,500 vehicles began in June 1941 and the army decided that choosing a design the same for everyone. Finally we chose the Willys design (Go-Devil motor mechanical solutionsBantam) with some modifications that incorporated features of Ford and Bantam. In July 1941, Willys got a contract for 16,000 vehicles. That same year, the Army Quartermaster Corps Willys-Overland ordered to spend her designs to Ford to increase production.

So Jeep was finally born. During World War II, Willys-Overland and Ford produced 600,000 Jeeps, Willys produced over 368,000 and only...