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  • Publicado : 23 de mayo de 2011
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I read High Life Low Life by Alan Battersby. This book is about a private investigator,Nat Marley, and his tries to solve all problems that he had encountered. He knows the woman, an homeless andold, since he worked New York Police Department. The woman has an heart attack while they are talking. He saves her life but she is no good. She has a last desire from Nat regarding she hadn't seen herson for twenty years. He finds her son before her mother died. Also, this life saves publishes inside page of the Daily News. So a very old and rich woman, Mrs. Wittaker, sends him a letter for seeingher. Her demand is left all of her wealth to Nat. Because when she saw him in the Daily news, she assimilates Nat to his dead husband Tom. She makes a will about that by help of a lawyer. She has ason and a daughter, but they rarely visit her. She suddenly dies and Nat suspects from her maid Martha because she left home with Mrs. Wittaker's credit cards, check book and the other valuable stuffs.When my friend suggested me to read Cambrigde or Oxford books, I read them. They have really good stories as this book has. It is a readable book. I liked the book's main character's stubborn toreach a result. He evaluates all clues to solve the is really long as i read this book i imagined myself as a policewomen to try to solve really influenced me.inaddition that this book is logical.all events could have been true.there is nothing absurd. It is also important that he worked at the police department before his new job---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Two best girlfriends living in London suddenly find themselves battling wits with seasoned criminals when they decide toblackmail the culprits of a bank heist in their neighborhood rather than reporting the crime to the police. Refusing to be played by this new competition and give up the demanded $2 million, the leaders...
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