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Nombre: Jhojan Ricardo Pinto Grado: 10-4 Fecha: septiembre 27 2011
The 70 are characterized by the birth and development of new musical movements,which are: punk, disco, pop staff, heavy metal, Latin rock, reggae, rock, urban, techno pop, glam rock, and symphonic rock. Estes years most outstanding musicians, among others are: Pink Floyd, Queen,Abba, Kraftwerk, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Marley, Thin Lizzy, Carlos Santana, The Bee Gees and the Sex Pistols. Of these movements, these musicians and groups and others discuss further below.
REGGAE:musical style is influenced by rasta philosophy. The basis of this philosophy will be a return, by black men in Africa, because of the oppression of white men. His followers are regular users ofmarijuana. Reggae is located in Jamaica. Their leader is Bob Marley, who manages to create a dance beat with a variety of percussion instruments and accompanied by small choirs.
BOB MARLEY was born inRhoden Hall, St Ann, Jamaica, in 1945, and his real name was Robert Nesta Marley. In 1961, while working as a welder in Kingston, he formed his first band, The Rudeboys, known then as The Wailers. Hisfirst songs were a mix of calypso (form of folk music developed in the island of Trinidad, northwest of South America, and originally sung at the carnival) and soul. In the late 1960's started to becomefamous as a reggae singer, Jamaican blend of folk rhythms, rock, rhythm and blues and soul. In 1967 he renounced Christianity to embrace the Rastafarian religion, religious political movement that isnamed Caribbean Ras Tafari, ie the Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia. They claim that the inhabitants of the West Indies coming from Ethiopia and there again.
Among the discs are Marley Catch a Fire(1972), Burnin '(1973), Natty Dread (1975) and Live (1975). In 1976 he emerged as a political activist and during the preparation of a free concert in Kingston was wounded by a gunshot. In 1980,...
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