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Biography of author
Holly Lisle born in 1960, She is an American writer of fantasy, science fiction, paranormal romance and romantic suspense novels. She is also known for her work in educatingwriters, including her e-book mugging the Muse: Writing Fiction for Love and Money. She is a full-time writer with 32 published novels and a 33rd in progress, as well as an online writing instructor. The“Ruby key” was her first book for children. Holly lives in the Deep South with her family.
Summary of the book
In the primitive village Hillrush where people can only leave by day, emerging atnight because the nightlings, woodland creatures, living Genna a 14 year old girl and her brother
Danrith who want to save his family. Three years earlier his father had fallen ill with saku, a plague.One night when the family was asleep, the father had gone in silent to some were, they never seen again, and believed to be dead. His mother is ill with the same disease, Genna and Dan are afraid ofhis uncle Banris because he wants to marry with his mother.
One night the brothers slipped into the forest to collect milk from the sap of trees, tandu to cure his mother, Genna and Dan are in thetree, sit back hoping that the sap get out ,they heard the voices of the nightlings that surrounded but then the voices died away, and only one voice spoke to them, a voice like the most beautifulmusic in the world it was a nightling she had dark eyes, hair and skin of color of gold.She explained to them that their father's best friend, their Uncle Banris, had traded the lives of all the villagersfor the promise of immortality. But he'd been unable to give the nightlings' ruler, the Kai-Lord, everything he'd promised, and Lord Latrine was willing to make another bargain, this time with Gennaand Dan.
Genna and Dan would have to be very careful, and listen closely To His words, to Avoid Being trapped. They had to refuse the impossible tasks Have proper, and accept only the bargain that...
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