Resumen the carterville capitulo 2

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Capitulo 2

canterville chase was seven miles from ascot , where the nearest railway station was .
Mr. otis and his family took the train to ascot and hired a carriage to take then from the station to the house . they had a very pleasant journey. it was a lovely july evening.
the air was fresh and smelt of the pinewoods . as the were driving , they could hear the sweet song of wood pigeons. they also saw squirrels and rabbits running among the trees and a couple of pheasants behind the bushes. as they approached canterville chase ,however , the sky suddenly became cloudy . A flock of large black birds flew silently over their heads . when they arrived at the front door , some large drops of rain started falling.
an old woman was waiting on the steps outside the front door. shewas Mrs umney, the housekeeper . she was dressed in a black silk dress and wore a white cap and apron . she was standing there to welcome the family to their new home . as they got out of the carriage , she bowed and said , " welcome to canterville chase ". they followed her into the house . they went through a great hall into the library . this was a long room with a large stained-glass window.the otises took off their coats , sat down and began looking around , while Mrs umney served them some tea.
suddenly, Mrs otis noticed a large red stain on the floor beside the fireplace . she pointed at it and said to Mrs umney, " I think something has been spilt there."
" yes madam , " replied the housekeeper in a low voice , " blood has been spilt there.”

" how terrible !" said Mrs otis. "a blood stain on the library floor ! It must be removed at once "
the old woman smiled mysteriously and said in the same low voice ," It is the blood of lady eleanor de canterville . she was murdered on that spot by her husband , sir simon de canterville ,in 1575. he mysteriously disappeared nine years later . his body has never been found , but his guilty spirit still haunts the chase. theblood stain cannot be removed."
" that is all nonsense ," said washington otis. "pinkerton's stain remover will remove that stain ." he knelt on the floor and started rubbing the stain with something that looked like a lipstick. In about a minute , the stain had disappeared ." I knew it . pinkerton's always works ," he said looking at his family . just then , there was a flash of lightning and aloud peal of thunder made them all jump. Mrs umney screamed with terror and fainted .
" what awful weather this country has ," said Mr otis calmly.
" my dear hiram," cried Mrs otis ," what can we do with a woman who faints ? "
"we won't pay her for the time that she is unconscious," repleid her husband.
Mrs umney opened her eyes . she was very upset . she said to Mr otis ," be careful. sometrouble is coming to the house .I have seen some terrible things ,sir . things that terrify anybody. things that have kept me awake at night ."
Mr and Mrs otis told the old housekeeper that they were not afraid of ghosts . then they talked to her about her salary and decided to give her a rise . Mrs umney thanked them and went to her room.

TraducidoCanterville fue de siete millas de Ascot, donde la estación de tren más cercana era.
El señor Otis y su familia tomaron el tren de Ascot y contrató a un carro para luego tomar desde la estación hasta la casa. tenían un viaje muy agradable. se trataba de una hermosa noche de julio.
el aire era fresco y olía a bosque de pinos. como se conduce, se podía oír el dulce canto de las palomas demadera. también vio las ardillas y los conejos corriendo entre los árboles y un par de faisanes detrás de los arbustos. mientras se acercaban aCanterville-Chase, sin embargo, el cielo de pronto se volvió turbia. Una bandada de grandes pájaros negros volando en silencio sobre sus cabezas. cuando llegaron a la puerta de entrada, algunas gruesas gotas de lluvia empezaron a caer.

una mujer vieja estaba...
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