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  • Publicado : 20 de enero de 2011
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The Corporation
The Corporation is a documentary in which modern companies are analyzed as if they were human beings. It shows how corporations deal with global affairs and how they treat theiremployees.
Although I found the documentary a little bit boring at times, it was completely shocking from the very begining when an entreprenur is describing a company and when he thinks they are notrecordning him anymore, he says everything he just said was a lie.
With this documentary, I opened my eyes to a completely different reality. I knew that there were a lot of corrupted companies allaround the globe, but I was disappointed to find out that the majority of the companies are like that. Another shocking fact was how they mistreat their employees, it is what you could call this days"modern slavery".
The part of the documentary that interested me the most was the one talking about the water strike. You usually think of this kind of strikes as the ones that will take place on adistant future, well they are here. War for water is getting to know a begining, and it seems almost unbelievable that human beings are being privatized from one of the basic needs. If this ishappening now, then where are we headed? What is next, a strike for food? Once you read it, it might sound a little bit dramatic, but if you think twice is not a very crazy thing.
I think that thisdocumentary made everyone of my classmates at least think of the impact corporations have on human beings and on our planet. It is incredible how reckless corporations can be when it comes to ecology. Afterthe discussion we had during class, I realized that we are not really conscious about this damage and how big it is. We all blame it on the big corporations that use chemicals or the ones that arebuilding all the time, we say that they are the ones causing the main problem and we simply forget about it. But we are responsible for this too. The blame should lay on us too, since we are the ones...
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