Resumen the picture of dorian gray

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EDITORIAL: “Oxford University Press”

1er BATX. C


Glossary................................. page 1-2

Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4............... page 3

Chapters 5, 6, 7................... page 4

Chapters 8, 9, 10, 11........... page 5

Chapters 12, 13, 14............. page 6

Chapters 15, 16,17............. page 7

Activities.............................. page 8-10


Through: a través de
Scent: aroma
Beyond: más allá
Portrait: retrato
Fair: dulce
Leaves: hojas
Sitter: modelo (posa para ser pintado)
To realize: darse cuenta
To introduce: presentar
Cared: importaba
Amused: entretener

Towards: hacia

Shook hands: dar la mano
Indeed: de verdad
Wonder: pregunta
Fashionable: de moda
Won’t suit you: no irá contigo (referente a “no va contigo”)
Among: entre
Warn: advertir
Softly: suavemente
Lit: encender
Ashamed: avergonzado
Stare: mirar fijamente
Frightening: asustadizo
Uglyness: fealdad
Locked door: puerta cerrada con llave
Dug: (pasado de “dig”) cavar
Fowards: hacia adelante
Onto: sobre
Drip: goteo
Fetch: ir por, ir abuscar
Shaking: tembloroso
Opium: opio

Low: baja, abatida
Backwards: hacia atrás
Edge: las afueras
Leaf: hoja
Plenty of: de sobra
Report: informar sobre


Basil Hallward was a talented painter. He was in his home with his friend Lord Henry Wottom. They were talking about the new portrait of the painter. Lord Henry told Basil that he should send his portrait to an importantart gallery. But Basil refused because he has put too much of himself into the portrait.


Lord Henry and Basil, was in Basil’s garden. They were talking quietly. They talked about the nice portrait of the beautiful Dorian Gray, that Basil had painted.
Lord Henry was trying to convince Basil that his portrait had to be exhibited in an important gallery, but Basil, didn’t want to doit in case the people could see too many personal feelings in that portrait. There were hide feelings which Basil didn’t want that had to be descovered.


In that moment, Dorian Gray appeared, and he was going to be painted by Basil. Lord Henry stayed in the room, he wants to know better Dorian Gray. As Basil was painting, Lord Henry went on talking. This facility of speech, madeDorian admire Lord Henry. In that moment, began a friendly relation between Basil and Henry.


Basil finished the portrait of Dorian Gray. That was, without doubt, the best of Basil’s work.
Lord Henry insisted on buying it, but his intention was to give it away to young Dorian.
Later, while Dorian was looking the portrait, the young man remembered the words that Lord Henry had said.Lord Henry said to him that he would grow old, and that he would lose all his beauty. Dorian wished not to grow old ever, and that the picture grew old. Dorian was angry with Basil, because he had been painted. Now, Basil was angry with Dorian, he felt

frustrated, but Dorian tranquilazqd him.
Lord Henry invited two good friends to the theatre to tranquilaze the atmostfere, but Basil refused theinvitation.


Lord Henry visited his Aunt Agatha. She knew Dorian’s past. They had a long conversation.
Dorian’s mother ran away from home to get married with a poor soldier. The mother died when Dorian was a little boy.
Lord Henry began to get interested about Dorian Gray’s life.
In the dinner in Agatha’s home, Dorian was invited. Henry talked longly about many interestingthings. Dorian was marvelled and he wanted to go walking with Lord Henry. He wanted to listen to Henry’s words.


One month later, Dorian visited Lord Henry. There, Dorian confesed that he was in love. He said that he was in love with a beautiful and young actress, her name was Sybil Vane. Dorian described Sybil with his bright eyes. Dorian and Sybil saw each other every day, and he...
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