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  • Publicado : 9 de enero de 2012
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In the chain of consumption, there are five steps which I will mention in order of appearance.

First of all goes the extraction of the materials, which a third of them have disappeared. The 40% ofthe water is not drinkable, and the US, which is the 5% of the world population, uses the 30% of the world resources.

Secondly, the production of the goods that implies the utilisation of lots ofsynthetic chemicals which finish in all the products, in the people working in the factories and in the air. So that is why companies put their factories in other countries, but the wind carries thepollution to the US. The US has admitted to have expelled thousands of millions kilos of toxic chemicals.

Then, it is the distribution time. They want to keep the prices low so they pay little moneyto their employees. We also do not pay for what we buy because we pay the materials and they have been extracted in other countries where are cheaper.

After that, it is time for consumers, theconsumption. The 99% of the things that we buy become rubbish past 6 months so we have the necessity to consume more. There are two types of obsolescence, one that makes you think that what you have isnot useful and the other is that it is designed for the dump, to be rubbish early.

Finally, the disposal, where the waste is incinerated and trashed into a hole, so we put dioxin in the air, whichis very toxic and we could eliminate it by stopping burning the rubbish. They put the waste into the hole without incinerate it but it also pollutes.

What we should do is to recycle because is theunique form to destroy part of the rubbish but, it is not sufficient. We have to create a system without residues instead of this lineal system.

I do not think that there is any solution for this,because companies prefer this system and they will not change it. We will destroy our planet and “normal” people can’t do anything more than what we are doing nowadays.

Antonio A. García de la...
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