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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.
This book is about of one story, of child name’s Tom Sawyer that likes adventures and doesn’t like study. Tom lives with Aunt Polly, because her father and mother died.One day Tom Sawyer go find her friend Huck. They went different places, in one of this a listen about of one treasure. They like exciting adventures, so, begin a find the famous treasure.
Saturdaywas a beautiful day; Tom came out of this house with a brush and a big pot of white paint in this hand. He painted at the fence; it was three meters high and thirty meters long. After time, thechildren of St Petersburg painted the fence, of Tom. One morning tom didn’t want go to a school, but aunt Polly got him out the bed, and then out of the house, in the street the school, he met his friendHuckleberry Finn (he hadn’t mother and his father drank) and Huck lived in the street … Huck got there one dead cat Tom the question, and Huck said “a dead cat can call ghosts put of their graves”. Tomwas late for school, the teacher looked at him angrily but to Tom didn’t interesting, because he saw one beautiful girl, and Tm was in love. She name’s Becky Thatcher. That night Tom and Huck went tograveyard, for with the dead cat, for call the ghosts. They looked “three ghosts” but, didn’t ghosts, it was three man, they names Muff Potter, Injun Joe and the doctor Robinson; what are they didhere?, Huck said to Tom. They were grave robbers, because they dug, grave for find money. Tom and Huck looked a very, but one moment Injun Joe killed Doctor Robinson, but said to Muff, he killed withknife. The next day to uncover to muff and the Muff took for his trial.
Tom and Joe Harper were down by the Mississippi River. They went to Jackson’s island. They had some bread and some meat for dinnerand, Huck had his pipes. They cooked the dinner and slept. The next day, they fished, and too, they had about six fish for the breakfast. They swam, talked, fished and swam again. Tom didn’t sleep....
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